Drag Chain & Wiring
This section covers mounting the drag chain and wiring.

Attach Drag Chain Rail

Core Components Kit
Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 12
1000mm Drag Chain Kit
Extrusion T-Slot 20x20 x 1000mm Tapped
Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 14
Drag Chain Support Arm
Starting on the left side, position the drag chain support arm with the extrusion mount facing down (as shown). Secure the drag chain support arm to the makerslide rail with two M5x12mm button head cap screws. Repeat this process for the right side. If you haven't already, tighten the screws that mount the side plate to the makerslide as well.
Attach a piece of 1000mm 20mmx20mm extrusion to the plastic brackets of the gantry. Secure the ends with 2x M5x14mm button head cap screws.

Install Drag Chain and Wiring

Prepare the drag chain lengths by popping open the hinges using a flat head screw driver.
Using a flat head screw driver, carefully remove the drag chain end from the length of the drag chain. Locate two M5 10mm flat head cap screws and two post-assembly insertion nuts. Add the post-assembly insertion nuts into the center of the extrusion located behind the wide MakerSlide.
Mount the drag chain end to the extrusion by installing the flat head cap screws into the post-assembly insertion nuts. Adjust the drag chain end position as needed to allow extension of drag chain.

Attach Z-Probe

If you ordered your machine with a Z-Probe, you can now fasten the Z-Probe barrel connector port and its wire to the x-carriage, otherwise, you can skip this step.
First, open your z-probe kit. Set aside the puck and alligator clip wiring harness for the moment; you'll use these to calibrate your machine after it's set up.
Locate the long wire with the barrel connector port as well as the slim hex nut and lock washer that accompany it.
Insert the barrel connector port into the corresponding hole on the top right side of the Z probe relocation bracket on the X-Carriage. Use a 10mm wrench to secure the port in place, placing first the lock washer and then the hex nut over the port.
Attach the drag chain end to the drag chain bracket on the x-carriage using two M5 x 12mm flat head cap screws and two M5 nylon insert lock nuts.
Wire up z-axis and x-axis stepper motors and homing switches. Make sure you attach the red wire to the middle pin and the black wire to the hinged side of the switch. The stepper motors can only be wired in one way, so if it doesn't fit, flip it over and try again.
Place the spindle power cord, z-axis stepper motor wire (30679-12) , x-axis stepper motor wire (30679-09), z-axis homing switch wire (30682-09), x-axis homing switch wire (30682-07), and z-probe wire into the drag chain. Take note of the wiring orientation. Each wire will have a connector and an exposed wire end. The connectors should be placed together at the top of the drag chain and the exposed wire at the bottom of the drag chain. Close up the drag chain hinges.
Attach the length of drag chain to the drag chain bracket installed on the aluminum extrusion.
Place the zip tie mounts in the aluminum extrusion slot and rotate them to secure in place. You can also use the open end of the 10mm wrench from your toolkit to easily rotate them.
Use two zip tie mounts on the side of the aluminum extrusion for the lone Y2 stepper motor.
Use three zip tie mounts on the top of the aluminum extrusion.
Guide the Y2 stepper motor cable (30679-11) across the aluminum extrusion and secure with zip ties. Gather up all the wires from the end of the top drag chain and the Y2 stepper motor. Zip tie them to the zip tie mounts.
Use the Y1 stepper motor cable (30679-10) to wire up the Y1 motor and use homing switch cable assembly (30682-08) to wire the y-axis homing switch.
Attach the upper drag chain bracket to the left gantry side plate using two M5 x 12mm Flat Head Cap Screws and two M5 Nylon Insert Lock Nuts. Do not attach the lower drag chain bracket just yet as that is handled in the next step.
Gather up all wires into the drag chain and snap the hinges in place.
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