Computer Setup

In this step, you will be setting up your machine with the Easel. You'll want to make sure that your computer meets the System Requirements found here.

Power on your X-Controller. You should see the LED lights, on the front and back, light up as well as the rear fan spinning. Make sure the e-stop button is disengaged. If the e-stop is engaged, the X-Controller will not power on or connect to Easel.

Login to Easel

If you already have an account, you can log into your account. Otherwise, enter your email address and create a password for a new account.

All new Easel Pro accounts automatically start with a 30-day Easel Pro free trial. If you purchased Easel Pro as an add-on, make sure to Activate your Easel Pro key. Your Easel Pro Key can be found on your receipt. This will take effect once the trial expires.

For details on Easel Pro subscription, see the FAQs in our Support Center.

If you are already logged in to Easel, click on "Machine" and "Set up new machine" to get started.

If you're not logged in to Easel, use the link below:

Run Machine Setup through Easel

Once you're logged in and in the Machine Setup, choose your machine type. After selecting your machine, you'll need to connect it to Easel.


1. Download Easel Driver

Easel is a web application and needs a small piece of software to allow it to talk to the USB port on your computer. The Easel Driver behaves like a printer driver in that you never have to open it to use Easel. You may have to update the Easel Driver from time to time, but you can generally install it and forget that it's there. If it doesn't open during the setup, you can access the drivers here.

NOTE: If you're having trouble connecting your X-Controller on a computer running Windows, you may need to install the FTDI driver then restart your computer. Click here for a direct download. The linked file is a .zip file, you'll need to extract the file.

If possible, we recommend installing the driver using administrative privileges with a right-click and selecting "Run as Administrator."

If you need help installing drivers, follow these guides:


2. Connect Your Machine

Once your X-Controller is connected to your computer, click "Continue with setup."


If the machine successfully connects, you'll be presented with a set of controls for jogging your machine.

3. Test Your Wiring

Try jogging the machine using the directional arrows.

When standing in front of the X-Carve, X should jog the carriage left to right. Y should jog the gantry away from you and towards you. Z should jog the spindle up and down.

If everything is moving correctly, select Yes. If one is reversed, you can either go back and re-wire your motors or let Easel change the direction in the firmware settings by clicking No in the menu.

Click continue when all axes are moving correctly. You'll now be prompted to enable or disable homing.

Note: If your Y-axis is struggling to move, make sure that each motor is wired correctly. The Y motors should be wired to move in the opposite direction from one another since they are mirrored on the machine. You can refer to the diagrams in the X-Controller assembly if necessary.


If you have any trouble connecting your X-Carve to Easel, check out our Support center troubleshooting guide.

4. Enable Homing

Only enable homing if you have installed the homing switches. If you have your home switches installed but don't want to test them now, you can always click No, disable homing and run your machine through this setup again.

If you enable homing, you'll be prompted to start the homing sequence.

The homing sequence will move the z-axis to the top until the homing switch is actuated. The X-Carve will then move towards the front-left corner until the x and y axis homing switches are actuated. A successful homing sequence will take you to the last step.


5. Set Up Your Z-Probe

The last step is enabling up the z-probe. You can also skip this step and enable the z-probe later. The image above shows how the z-probe should be connected to the X-Carve. You do not need to have a bit installed during this step.

If you want to continue with the setup, select Yes to test the continuity of the z-probe.

Follow the steps on the screen. Make sure to click "Clip is attached" button, otherwise, the setup may not allow you to continue.


Once your z-probe makes contact, you can continue and finish the setup.

Run the Intro To Easel Project

After setting your machine, you can run a test carve to ensure that the machine is operating properly. Clicking on the green button here will take you to the test carve project itself. Follow the steps in Easel to complete your first carve!

You can use any material you'd like for this initial carve, though we generally recommend working with wood or soft plastic to begin with.


If you have any trouble connecting your X-Carve to Easel, check out our Support center troubleshooting guides.

Note: If you are setting up a machine purchased before November 2021, you'll need to go through the Advanced Menu and ensure you select the correct hardware. If you choose the incorrect settings, your machine will not move accurately.

Click on one of the buttons below to get started with Easel.

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